25 Things

I'm not going to tag anyone, but I'm enjoying all the "25 random things about me" lists from my friends on Facebook enough that I feel lame just pointing everyone to my About page. Here goes:

  1. I love my job, but I'd quit in a second if I suddenly got rich.
  2. I love making things with wood. I wish I did it more and was better at it.
  3. I read slowly and increasingly rarely. Audiobooks and the intarwebs save me from being completely ignorant.
  4. I studied aerospace engineering in college because that's what I thought I'd study in the Air Force Academy. I didn't have a whole lot of back-up plan beyond that.
  5. I still think I should have studied architecture (and I still occasionally think about going back to school for it).
  6. I did a 23 day Outward Bound course in North Carolina. It was incredibly formative for me.
  7. I loved rock climbing and snow boarding when I lived in MA, but I don't do either now that I live in CO.
  8. I drive my cars until they die. Buying a new car sucks.
  9. I once drove my Pontiac Phoenix 100mph with at least a couple friends in the car because I forgot my driver's license on the way to take the ACT.
  10. I am occasionally stunningly stupid. (Less so as I age, thankfully.)
  11. I love this freak show we call the internet with all my heart.
  12. Owning a house makes me happy mostly because it's mine to change if I want (and I always want).
  13. I'm a hopeless romantic and a serial monogamist.
  14. In spite of those two facts, I'm happily stunned by how successful my relationship with The Wife is.
  15. I'm a damned good cook. I do better improvising than following a recipe, usually.
  16. I'm an only child of a single parent and it worked out quite well for me, in my opinion.
  17. Right now, I am aching to travel to Spain.
  18. I love live music. I think I've only seen a couple acts I would call "bad". I'm much more critical of recorded music.
  19. If I have a kid, I seriously want to teach him/her how to make and serve (to Mommy and Daddy, of course) a good dry martini by the age of 10.
  20. I'm still shocked we managed to host a Sutton Family Dinner party for over 50 people in our house. I'm also sure we will never do one that big again.
  21. I have a bad habit of losing contact with friends after I move away. Facebook helps a little, maybe...?
  22. After always being the skinny kid, I was astounded when I managed to get up to 225lb. I managed to get to a more normal weight, but I still have work to do.
  23. I want to learn metal smithing and jewelry making.
  24. Sometimes I'm really annoyed that I don't write poetry anymore.
  25. I'm happy to say I am both a cat and dog person. Dogs are better, though.