Bah! I'll show you "clubby".

I hate the Apple Store. I have from the beginning. I guess some people like it (or did like it), but I'm not one of them. I like to be able to actually buy things in stores without having to enlist a fulltime escort. Nothing frustrated me more than needing a new iPod, walking into the store, seeing a table loaded with iPods packaged for Christmas joy... BEHIND a friggin' rope. I stood there frozen, staring at my just out of my reach goal, thinking "How... Do... I... Buy... One...?" until I got frustrated enough to walk out and buy the iPod online from home.

Conversely, I was fine with the expectation of having to talk to someone when I wanted to buy my iMac. That's a big purchase with options involved. I'm fine talking to someone about that. I shouldn't need to talk to someone to buy an iPod, though. At least not until my credit card is out.