Ron Paul's New Pile of Money

Ron Paul isn't Rudy Gulliani or Mitt Romney, which - although both good things in my view - keeps him out of the limelight in most of the coverage of the race for the Republican nomination for the 2008 presidential election. I'm no fan of Republicans in general (especially the Neo-Con breed that seems so hell-bent on robbing the nation of its civil liberties), but Ron Paul is at least interesting. He's more like a libertarian in Republican clothing (which some would argue is what Republicans were supposed to be). Anyway, he's got fair amount of grass-roots support, and he's been keeping himself on the fringes of the Republican primary radar.

Now, a bunch of those grass-roots supporters have organized this fund raising drive, with pretty astonishing results so far. The stated goal was $10 million for the day, and I definitely doubt they will get close to that. They have however crossed the $2 million mark as I type this.


To be clear: I am in no way endorsing Ron Paul. I don't agree with several of his more passionate stances. I only think he's the most interesting thing going right now as far as politics goes. Did you hear Obama was on SNL? And Hillary might have a really hot girlfriend? See what I mean? Wait... That last one could actually be pretty cool, if it's enough to make Hillary go away. ;)