Wow Sox

I am gobsmacked the Red Sox got the sweep. Bless 'em. I'm sure people who care will spend days debating why the Rockies didn't manage to snatch as much as a game in the World Series (my fave is still the 8 day layoff and the snow angels). I feel bad for the Rockies - after all, I've actually been to Coors Field whereas I never ventured into Fenway while I lived in Boston - but I can't help but root for (and be psyched for) the BoSox.

Mike "Eyebrows of Love" Lowell is my hero. (I even called him for MVP when he homered tonight. Yay me and my total lack of baseball knowledge!)


Retroactive Track o’ the Post: Sweet Caroline from Neil Diamond's 12 Greatest Hits, because Red Sox Nation is crazy about that song.