Time for Travelling

Just when you thought posting couldn't get any lighter here at the ol' Blah and Stuff, LLC, I'm here to tell you that it will do just that. Time has come for The Wife and I to bundle into our Honda Civic and hit the open road to that glittering city known as Los Angeles for our annual road trip to see The Brother-in-Law and Auntie Kate. This time around it looks like we'll have extremely limited access to teh intarwebs, so the best you'll probably get out of me is a few tweets and some goofy pictures (both of which I can do with my cell phone, you see?).

For the record, my fame spotting abilities are next to useless. In all my trips to LA I've only seen the back of Zach de la Rocha outside Fred 62 and Melissa Joan Hart at the Suss yarn store. And those were only because somebody else pointed them out. I have hope, though -- the last episode of LA Ink showed Corey Miller discussing his impending vasectomy with his wife at Home, which is right up the road from Chris & Kate's house. Maybe I'll get to take a blurry phonecam pic of Kat Von D or my current tattoo TV crush, Hannah Aitchison, while I'm there.

We leave at the crack of Sunday, stop over at the Luxor in Vegas for a craaaazy night of not-doing-anything-in-Vegas, and arrive in Los Feliz on Monday sometime after grabbing that first In-n-Out burger and strawberry shake in Barstow. Plans are to leave LA on Wednesday, the 26th, in order to have plenty of time to decompress and do stuff around the house before heading back to work on October 1st.

We're very excited. Updates as they are possible.