Bart's Junk

Executive Summary: The Simpsons Movie was immensely enjoyable. You should go see it, even if you don't watch the TV show anymore. (Some of the stuff I talk about after the jump could be considered spoilers, I guess...)

The Wife, the Mother-in-Law, and I saw the Simpsons Movie yesterday. It's definitely worth a peek. I think it absolutely succeeds in breathing new life into the franchise, which has to be the best you can expect. It's really interesting how a little nudity and some cursing can punch up a TV cartoon. ;^)

It's also kind of interesting to me how the secondary characters were used in the movie. Flanders got a lot of play, but Mr. Burns barely graced the screen, and Willie never even had a line. Makes you wonder how the next one (you have to assume there will be another one -- Maggie says so) will use the people of Springfield differently. The one was focused more closely on the Simpson clan than the show usually is, so one might expect the next movie to spread out a bit. Or not.

Either way, I'll be there.