Doom & Despair? Where's the popcorn?

Last night the Wife and I took in Children of Men (via Amazon Unbox, no less -- pretty sweet). I loved it big time, but then I'm a sucker for distopian visions of the near future. My favorite part is when everyone stops fighting when they see the first new born in 18 years, letting the protagonists carry the baby through an urban war zone unmolested... And then suddenly someone fires a rocket and everything picks right back up. That scene right there is is one of the most pointed and concise commentaries on the human condition I've seen in a while.

Speaking of distopia and commentaries on the human condition, our friends at I Watch Stuff had a run of tidbits (two) regarding my favorite sub-genre: Skinhead movies!

First, we have Kevin Bacon going to war against an overblown "skinhead" gang in Death Sentence. It looks absolutely ridiculous (it's directed by the Saw guy...), but at the same time AWESOME.

Next we have This Is England about a young lad falling into the British skinhead family in the '80s. Looks effing fantastic (to me).