Denver. Gorgeous!

It's worth noting that, thus far, this year has featured one of the most fantastic Springs I've seen in the Denver area since 2000. The weather has been alternatingly warm and cool. We've had near-regular afternoon showers and/or thunder storms, which are never enough to disturb any grilling plans you might have, but always drop the approaching-hot temperatures down by a solid ten degrees just when you need it. The foothills are a shade of green not witnessed in these parts for at least half a decade. Heck, my lawn is even doing relatively OK. (I still despise it, though. Stupid grass with it's stupid weeds and stupid need for stupid water.) I gave my sprinkler system its first test run on Saturday. The pop-ups in the front yard are a bit suspect - not sure if the pressure was low at the time or if they just don't pop like they used to. Bitches. Carry on.

Update: A little green... Verdant