In case you were wondering what's up with the Jakester, I've got some stuff going on...

  • Thursday, I'll be going to the CEO's house for drink, food, and cards (in order of likely importance).
  • Friday, there's a poker game at Matty's house, which thankfully is within close proximity of my joint.
  • Saturday, there's roller derby, to which I may be dragging the boss again.
  • And I believe Sunday is Mother's Day, but there are no plans associated with that as of yet.

This is more activity than I usually have in a month, and I've already been a busy little bee lately. I'm not entirely sure I can keep up. I fear a backlash of hermitude.

Even that won't last long, though, as we already have a party planned for the end of the month. Oh, and I've got Dr. Sketchy's on the 21st, too. Goodness!