Bill & Tom

I've been a big, big fan of a Boston area rock band from the 90's called Buffalo Tom since my college years. Even before I saw them live and had one of my best concert experiences ever. They got some national exposure, but never really hit it huge, so I've always felt like I've known something other people didn't. After B-Tom kind of dwindled and fell apart, lead singer/guitarist Bill Janovitz released a couple of folky solo discs. They were enjoyable but nothing super exciting in my estimation.

Just recently, though, I grabbed his new album with his new band, the Crown Victorias, and I am happy to say Bill is back to his old rockin' ways. In fact, several songs had me so nostalgic for Buffalo Tom that I looked them up and lo-and-behold they have gotten back together and have a new disc coming out! I have yet to hear the new B-Tom, but you should check them out, kids. (Bonus: There's a clip from the Daily Show on the B-Tom site in which Jon Stewart name-drops Buffalo Tom. I wonder if that's why they are back together...)

(Sidenote: The new Tori Amos is also quite good, if you're into the angry chicks - and you know I am.)