Spring Boozin'

I'm not sure where this came from, but recently I got a sudden impetus to so some "spring cleaning"... of my bar. The Wife and I throw the occasional party. Also occasionally, I used to host a poker game now and then (others in my crew have taken over those duties lately on the rare poker night). Luckily for us, our friends are as much boozehounds as we are, so they tend to bring over bottles of liquor almost as often as they bring us bottle of wine or sixers of beer.

This tends to leave us with a densely populated bar, but often the citizens of that population are riding low. This is where I've recently gotten in trouble...

I was looking at the vast spread of booze on our counter about a week ago and decide that this would not do. Some of these bottles were years old! Time to cull the herd, I thought to myself, and I promptly poured myself a tumbler of Talisker (which I followed with another soon after, thus killing the bottle).

Since then I've been on a reasonable tear. Nothing too disturbing, mind you, but I have had doubles or triples on four of the last 7 or 8 nights...

Here's my progress so far:

(It's worth noting that the middle bottles will definitely be renewed soon.)

Sadly, I'm almost done with the low-riders. (OK, a check of the bar actually found some good candidates.) I guess I'll have to get more ambitious now... ;)