Socialization of the Human Animal

The last weekend featured a lot of interaction with real, live human beings, which is a bit odd, to be honest. On Friday, I had poker with the boys. The games have been extremely rare lately, and I missed the last one, so this was exciting. Of course, I lost my pants, but that's not the point. ;)

Saturday was my darling mother's birthday celebration. (Her actual birthday was Sunday.) The Wife and I drove down to enjoy Hockey Night in Canada with Mom and her pack of "adopted" kids (plus three Great Danes, two other dogs, and two cats). Beer, hockey, and good-natured smack talk made it a super fun evening. If nothing else, I demonstrated the obviousness of the fact that I am my mother's son. The only bummer is that we missed the opening bout of the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls' new season, which happened to be on the same night.

Sunday wasn't as public, but we managed to not sit on the couch all day.

And I didn't even touch WoW for the whole weekend.