We got weather! (AGAIN)

So, we haven't had the You Gotta Be Fuckin' Kiddin' Me Snow Event of 2007 (yet), but we've got some interesting stuff going on this morning after a fairly restful weekend. This morning we have a wicked wind blowing. Blowing so hard, in fact, that I got introduced to a new weather phenomenon: the ground blizzard. This hurricane force Chinook pretty much closed Boulder this morning. Supposedly, there's an 18 foot deep snow drift right down the road from my office. Along the way to work, I saw a couple cars that were actively stuck in snow drifts (plus a giant 4x4 that had gone off the road) and a couple that were abandoned overnight. A large hanging street sign was hanging from only one hinge at Wadsworth...

It's like a friggin' apocalypse out there.

Oh, and there's snow in the forecast for Friday.