Frozen Thighs

As I mentioned, I had to have my Rodeo towed to a mechanic this past Saturday. Well, today I needed to get the keys to said mechanic so that they could actually work on the thing. (I didn't see any key drop box at the shop on Saturday.) The Wife is working, so that left me with my second vehicle: the Bonneville.

I wasn't that worried because the last forecast I saw said it would get up to 50 degrees. Sadly as it neared noon, my thermometer still read in the twenties...

The good news: my riding jacket is awesome with its liner in.

The bad news: I don't have cold weather-appropriate gloves or pants. Wearing jeans on a motorcycle in sub-freezing temps is very much like wearing jeans to go skiing/snowboarding -- Many of us have done it, but few of us would want to ever do it again (in fact, most of us went out and bought proper gear right after the experience). Brrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!