TV Tidbits

One of my brother-in-law's best friends from Brockton is a television writer. He'd just gotten his first big gig writing for a show on fox called Happy Hour on Fox. It's a sitcom from the creators of That 70's Show and while it wasn't quite the genius show that 70's was right off the bat, we could see definite potential and each show had at least a couple laugh-out-loud jokes. (It looks like critics generally panned it, but real people thought is was OK. Typical.) Now Brilliant But Cancelled is proclaiming the demise of the show. My first clue was when my TiVo said the next episode wouldn't be recorded because it was no longer in the program guide, now I find news of its "hiatus" online and I'm more than a little bummed. I was just talking to Shawn in LA a week ago, and he was truly psyched to be working on the show and with the team involved. I'm not too worried about him -- he finally seems to be getting real footholds in Hollywood, but I was really looking forward to watching the show evolve. I guess there's the waaaay outside chance the show will actually be back in November, but nobody seems to think so. In more positive news, I watched the premiere of Heroes on NBC tonight and man, am I excited about that one.  It's right up my alley, for sure. Looks like everyone else digs it, too. Highly recommended.