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  • A history of lawn jockies (Short version: They may not be racist. In fact they may represent racial freedom.)

    But others, including some historians and collectors of African American memorabilia, say the lawn jockey has been misunderstood. They say his origins can be traced to a legend of faithful duty during the American Revolution. They say he guided slaves to freedom on the underground railroad. His appearance has evolved over time, reflecting changes in the stature of blacks in U.S. society.

  • A crazy person who is a real thorn in the side of the Chruch of Scientology

    In Lonsdale, the Church of Scientology has encountered a confusing and difficult nemesis. Unlike most ardent Scientology critics, Lonsdale was never a member. And unlike other critics, Lonsdale has proved difficult to squash.

    The key: He has very little to lose.

    Be sure not to miss his site.