Just some randomness:

  • Man, it seems like Google has de-listed the BlahStuff (or at least ranked me down a ton). My traffic has dropped by more than half starting last Wednesday. If any of y'all that get regular Google hits felt like mentioning BS in a fresh post in the hopes to re-upping my Google-juice, I'd appreciate it.
  • Hey, look! It's Mars!
  • Monkey pictures are fun.
  • Started working on a new double desk set-up for our office on Saturday. Got some nice 3/4" maple veneer plywood and glued some half-inch MDF on the bottom to strengthen it up a bit. Got to use my flush-cutting router bit for the first time, but then it got all cold and snowy. Gonna treat the edges with some strips of this cool laminated oak I have, so it should give a cool effect. Photos when there's something to see.
  • My tattoo has a few spots that will require touch-up. I wonder if it's just me, in general, or the forearm location, specifically, or a combo that cause me such problems in healing my tattoos.
  • Saw Murderball on A&E. Good stuff (except for all the Dog the Bounty Hunter commercials). Zupan's the man.
  • The BU Terriers swept UMass and will meet UNH in the Hockey East semifinals.
  • My friends at the Exchange Tavern managed to shoehorn a dart board into their fine establishment. I'm excited. Now if only they'd update their web site.
  • What with Miracle Ed's visit and the fresh tattoos, we've been out of the hot box for over a month now. Time to get back on the horse real soon. Luckily I haven't slipped much (yet).
  • The biggest crawdaddy you'll ever see (thanks Brandon).

Tabula Rasa

So, yeah. My old host is gone, daddy, gone:

Our main commercial network has been compromised and we are no longer able to continue providing service due to a large scale hack. After looking at the damage and after alot of soul searching I am sorry to say that we are closing our doors.

Or to put it another way:

So over the years Acta Divina (a semi-large hosting company) has been doing really bad on the business side of things, and even worse on the security side. They were recently hacked, badly, and it was going to take weeks to get back on their feet. But instead of wasting more money, they decided to shut down and leave everyone in the dust.

Super. My rotten hosting luck continues. Here's hoping I've found a good one now.

What's going on?

Well, as you can see, I have republished some recipes.If I'm really honest with myself, those are probably the only posts I worry about losing at this point.

I still have all my old Blogger archives, so I could re-import them, but I just don't see the point.

Maybe if those lousy Canadians ever resurface, I'll be able to grab my WordPress database and get everything back to normal.

If not, it's only forward from here on out, kids.