Betty's a Popular Girl

[Yes, all I'm talking about these days is my motorcycle. I'm sure it'll pass eventually...] This morning, while I was stopped at the light at Huron and 144th, a stoner/meth head in one of those ridiculous Volkwagen Rabbit pickups filled with all manner of junk pulled up into the left turn lane and we have the following converstaion:

S/MH: Hey DUDE! Right on! It's not a Harley! Me: Ha! That's right. S/MH: Harleys suck!! Me: Hahaha! S/MH: That's cool. I like the Triumph. Me: Well, thanks.

So there you have it, Triumph motorcycles: Harley-hating meth head approved.

Oh, and for the two of you who ride bikes in my area and might read this, the new northern extension of Sheridan is a short, but sweet ride up to Hwy 7.