Good, Clean Fun

So far I'm loving the first round of the NHL playoffs, and not just because my Avs went down to Dallas and took a 2-0 series lead, either. There's also the fact that the NY Rangers are getting trounced -- always a good thing in my book. Then you have the scrappy Edmonton Oilers managing to hold their own against the mighty Detroit Red Wings. (Avs fans always root against the Red Wings except when they play the Canucks.) The Buffalo-Philadelphia series is extra fun for me, though.  As much as I love Peter Forsberg, I just can't get behind the Flyers, so to see them getting stomped into mush by a Sabers team featuring former BU players Chris Drury (team captain, no less!) and Big Mike Grier practically makes my eyes well up.

In the games I've managed to catch so far, there have been blowouts and nail-biters, but certainly nothing boring.