The Oscars

The Wife and I ended up attending a small Oscars get-together last night. While we had a blast (and I won the pool!), I have to say the the event itself was kind of dull. My thoughts (in no particular order):

  • Charlize looked horrible (but as I pointed out last night - she's still hot).
  • Salma Hayek hurt me, she looked so good.
  • John Stewart was mostly inoffensive. A couple good chuckles.
  • I thought the fake promo commercials were great.
  • Seems like a lot of folks were more embarassed than entertained by Ben Stiller's greenscreen suit antics. Personally, I thought it was a hoot.
  • Why were there only three nominations for best song? That seems weird. And why were all the performances except Dolly's put on like weird high school plays? [Highlight: During the performance of the song from Crash: "Is his hand in her crotch?! What the hell?! Are they reenacting the whole movie?"]
  • George Clooney basically owns Hollywood nowadays, doesn't he?
  • Reese Witherspoon is sweet, but I just can't get past her giant forehead and generally triangular face.
  • No Mr. Chicken in the "folks who died this year" montage, eh? Fine.
  • I won the pool (amongst only four people, because others showed up late) thanks to picking oddball categories like cinematography and art direction. I think I only got one or two of the major categories right.
  • The show finished early?! They could probably have afforded to not be such speech Nazis, eh?

Other than that... Meh.