Anchors Aweigh

"So, Heather's worried her anchor is going to be too butch, so you need to gay it up a little for her.""Too butch? It's an anchor for crying out loud! It can't help but be butch." "I know. Throw some flowers or swallows on the thing or something."

That's a conversation I had with our family tattooist, Fish while Ed was getting his greenman. So, yeah, as you may have gathered, The Wife is getting a new tattoo today.

Sadly, I am unable to attend the inking, and will have to wait until I get off work to see the latest masterpiece to come off Fish's needles.

Pictures to follow...

In the meantime, here's a little history on anchor tattoos (courtesy of Sailor Jerry):

The anchor has become quite the staple in the tattoo world but was originally associated with young sailors first trip over the Atlantic. The anchor tattoo has become a symbol for stability and a strong foundation. It can also symbolize a lover and the stability that lover has brought to their lives. In ancient times the anchor was a symbol with ties to the early Christian church. An anchor tattoo can also be thought of as holding one steadfast, like an anchor holding a great sailing ship safe in harbour, against winds and currents that might carry it astray. How Romantic.

Damn right.

Update (12:28pm): Just heard from The Wife -- apparently the anchor goes through a heart and there will be a life preserver inside the arm. And there's a banner that will be left blank for the time being (Feel free to submit suggestions. My current favorite idea: SINK OR SWIM). She's super excited and says it's beautiful. She also says she needs to start working out so she can be as badass as her tattoos seem. ;) I also reminded her that her phone has a camera and should be able to post to my Flickr account, but we may have to depend on Miracle Ed to figure that crap out.