Oh crap, I need another home loan!

The one thing holding me back from dropping far too much money on an HDTV set (and perhaps an update to my stereo/home theater) has been my TiVo. I'm just plain sold on the thing and as long as my TiVo doesn't do HDTV, neither do I. Well, that's going to change perhaps as soon as this year.

Key bits:

  • Dual tuner -- Record two programs at once!
  • CableCARD compatible (2.0 or 1.0 -- if you have 2.0 you only need one card for the dual tuner action)
  • Up to "300 hours" storage (I assume that's non-HDTV content)
  • An SATA port for adding a hot little external drive with no warantee-voiding hacking needed.

Damn, that sounds like everything I've wanted.

I guess I'm doomed to continue to be the guy with the iPod, the TiVo and the stupid car with manual locks.