Hothouse Tomatoes

(Pronounce that like you're from the Bronx or something: tuh-MAY-duhs) Just a quick shout out to Kevin, Chief Body Bender at the old hotbox, who mentioned after class tonight that he had stopped by the blog. He seemed to think we had set our expectations a bit low previously -- Personally, I think I was just setting myself up for success. ;)

So, how am I doing? Well, I've got good, questionable, and amusing data points for you:

  • Good: My flexibility has improved markedly.
  • Questionable: My back still feels a bit shredded. I've come to realize that up until now, I never bent my back in the "back-bend" direction. Perhaps when I was climbing, but not to the extremes I try in yoga. I think I may have done too much too soon, and have slowed my roll a bit in that respect.
  • Amusing: You might recall how I raved like little woman about my glowing post-yoga complexion... Well, a part of that is a bright, shining - nigh unto strobing - red nose. Like a not-so-wee cherry tomato. It's hilarious (to me).

Tonight it was extra fun: It's 6 degrees outside so when we left, great plumes of steam rose from our bodies [insert profound steaming body simile or metaphor here]. I love that.