That's some red hot coffee!

$15M suit for burns from java

"I thought I was dying - that's how bad it was," said Shea, a mother of two who lives in Dongan Hills. "All my skin was pulled back like a nylon stocking a lady takes off."

So, she's suing Dunkin Donuts because she "suffered second- and third-degree burns after the cardboard tray she was holding in the passenger seat of a friend's car toppled and spilled over her left leg and ankles."

Now, at first this caused me some doubt, because I had always thought third-degree burns meant you had charring of flesh. As it turns out, that's wrong: "A third-degree burn is the most serious because it destroys all the layers of the skin."

So, yeah... That coffee had to be thermo-friggin'-nuclear! How does that even happen?