Hockey Night

Originally uploaded by Jake Sutton.

The end result was disappointing, but it was definitely a good time at the Avs' second home game of the season.

We had nine goals scored -- I love this new NHL! Goalies must be hating it though. The Avs had a goal called back, which was only the beginnings of ill will aimed at the refs from the crowd. Goalie David Aebischer totally lost his cool, which is completely unusual for him -- He looked like Patrick Roy out there!

Ah, good times...

------ Oh, funny story:

As we were coming into the Pepsi Center, a lady came up to me and said "Sir, I need you to step over here for a random security check. Just place your cell phone, keys, and other metal objects in this basket." So I started fumbling under my oversized Avs jersey for all my gear: I plop my phone in the basket, then my car keys, and then I wrestle with my chain wallet while The Wife makes fun of me for being so heavily accessorized. Once I finally tossed that into her basket, the lady gives me a quick once-over with the metal detecting wand and sends me on my way.

(I know, not so funny, really. Wait for it...)

After we got home, I was disassembling myself to get changed into my jammies: plug the phone into it's charger, wrap the chain around the wallet and put it on the nightstand, take out my knife and place it on the nightstand ... *blink-blink* Well, huh! Partly I felt stupid because I totally thought to disarm myself before we left and then promptly forgot, but mostly I worry about the lax security at the hockey game. ;)