Prison Break

My initial impression of Fox's new show Prison Break (the pilot for which I watched last night) is good overall. I have kind of a hard time imagining how they will fill a whole season (nevermind the idea of any following seasons, but I said the same about Lost), but I'll watch anything with a guy who has plans for an entire prison campus and clues for how to exploit said campus' weaknesses tattooed on his body.

"The tattoo takes about four to five hours to apply, if you've got two people working on it," Wentworth explains. "It's a series of decals that fit together like puzzles. They're kind of more sophisticated versions of what you might find in a Cracker Jack box. You lay it down, spray it, peel it off and then seal it with glue, paint in the filler parts. It's apparently the most complicated imitation tattoo ever created, done by the art house that did all the special effects for 'The Passion of The Christ.'"

It is impressive.