Frog noise == Mass destruction?

Hawaii Fights Noisy Frog Infestation

It's hard to imagine a tiny, 2-inch frog could cause so much harm. Beloved in its native Puerto Rico, the coqui frog has become a menace in Hawaii, where it suddenly appeared in the 1990s. With no natural predators, such as snakes, to keep their numbers under control, the frogs and their loud "ko-KEE" mating calls have multiplied exponentially — causing headaches for homeowners.

So yeah, invasive species are bad, mmmmmkay? But really, as far as I can tell from this article the only impact these frogs are having is noise pollution. Aparantly the "plucky" island dwellers can't handle a little froggy chirp, though.

In fact, state Rep. Clifton Tsuji calls the frogs "a species of mass destruction." ... Erm... So, the frogs are so noisy that people don't want to buy houses in infested areas and that equals "mass destruction", eh? Right.