Hooray Rollergirl!

No, not that one (though she is a good thing, for sure). I'm talking roller derby girls! The recent resurgence of roller derby has finally made its way to the Denver metro region, and I am psyched.

Matt and I desperately want our ladies to sign up. Then not only could we be legitimate rollergroupies to real, live, super-hot rollergirls, we could stage roller husband fights in the stands!! Yeah!

Besides, check out the friends they would make:

The assembled crew suggests there's no typical derby girl. There are women from all walks of life: a mom, a burlesque dancer, PhD students, nine-to-fivers, a former figure skater. Some girls are all of 90 pounds while others are significantly more. They all come together thrice a week to strap on some wheels and smack each other around a bit.

Sweet. They even have t-shirts available at Twist & Shout.