Thanks to Brozo and his dad, I had the extreme pleasure of taking in the Colorado Avalanche vs. the Dallas Stars on the NHL's opening night from the Xcel Energy suite in the Pepsi Center last night. (Avs lost 2-3 in OT. They owned the first two periods - up 2-0 in the second intermission, and then Dallas took it all away in the 3rd and the extra frame.) Freakin' good times, yo.

Love the Bucket Originally uploaded by Jake Sutton.


  • Matty's dad, Dennis asked "What happened with Leopold?" (the new Avalanche defenseman we got in trade for Alex Tanguay, who is starting the season on the Injured Reserve) Matt's cousin Nels answered, "He broke his pussy!"
  • The suite steward came in occasionally to make sure our free (to us) beer and nacho/fajita feast was well stocked. At one point he came up behind me as I sat in one of the plush leather chairs with a bucket filled with ice and beer: "Here, why don't you just put this down by your feet." I love that guy.
  • There was a dude a couple rows in front of us who would occasionally stand up with arms raised and holler "AVS... RULE!!" We found this hilarious. He was obviously trying to start a chant, but instead he got catcalls and Macho Man-styled echoes from Matt's buddy Aaron. One of the guys in the suite next to us was amused enough by our taunts that he suggested maybe "Beer... RULES!" would be more appropriate.
  • That suite next to us belonged to ClearChannel and featured a veritable rainbow of alternate lifestyles and hipsters. At one point a gal joined the other weirdos and exclaimed, "How did all the freaks end up in the suite tonight?" Matty and I aggreed that her sentiment also applied in our suite.

Thanks again, Men of the Brozovich Clan. I had a hell of a time.